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Penetrant Testing Level 2 (Reference ISO/TS 25107:2019)

The course is mainly intended to provide the thorough understand of principles of Penetrant Testing and effective implementation in the work site by proper practical training and demonstrations. It also covers the fundamentals of material and processes.
  • History and Terminology
  • General Principles
  • Typical discontinuities in welds, casting, forging and roller products and their indications
  • Design and operation of penetrant installations and units
  • Different methods
  • Process qualification
  • Lighting levels verification
  • Selection of different methods
  • Testing
  • Written Instructions for Level 1
  • Basics of evaluation
  • Assessment of discontinuities
  • Disposal of Chemicals
  • ISO standards

Training hours: 40 hours (4 days).

Experience: 4 months

Penetrant Testing Level 3

In addition to Level 2, detailed understanding of PT ISO standards and in-depth training on how to write Technical Procedures for different configurations
In addition to course outline mentioned in Level 2, Level 3 will have in depth coverage of the above contents and also detailed knowledge of how to classify and assess observations, analyse the results and compare them to codes and standards.

Training hours: 24 hours (3 days).
Experience: 12 months (Engineering/ 2yrs Diploma) / 24 months