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" It was an amazing experience I ever had in NDT-Training and certification field. I must appreciate all the ANSA Staffs/tutors who were supportive , considerate and responsive beside being a great source of knowledge. I would like to thank all the ANSA staff there .They were really friendly and kind to all of us to bear the burden. Thank you all."
Mr. Navaneethan.S
Megarme, Abu Dhabi

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The candidate shall provide documentary evidence of satisfactory vision in accordance with the following requirements:
  • ¬†near vision acuity shall permit reading a minimum of Jaeger number 1 or Times Roman N 4.5 or equivalent letters (having a height of 1,6 mm) at not less than 30 cm with one or both eyes, either corrected or uncorrected;
  • colour vision shall be sufficient that the candidate can distinguish and differentiate contrast between the colours or shades of grey used in the NDT method concerned as specified by the employer.